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Effective Verruca Treatment

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How you can help yourself

The first place to look is at your shoes:

Do they fit properly? (Most people find that their feet get bigger as they grow older. Often by as much as one size.) Do they allow your feet to breathe?

Secondly, do you have a regular footcare routine?

Developing an effective foot care routine at home doesn't require much effort or time. Regular attention to your feet will bring better and longer-lasting benefits than a sudden assault on hard skin, cracked heels or corns.

Here are our top tips which could help you develop your own routine:

1) Washing your feet daily is an essential aspect of foot care. Cleaning  everyday prevents the risk of infection and also helps keep them smelling fresh. Don't forget between the toes where dirt and bacteria love to gather.

2) A long hot soak after 16 hours on your feet sounds great and often feels even better. But be cautious of hot tubs in cold weather. A freezing foot hitting hot water can sometimes result in chilblains.

3) Dry your feet thoroughly. Fungi and bacteria thrive best in warm, moist conditions - so take a couple of seconds to pull a corner of a towel through the gaps between your toes. And, if you are suffering from Athlete's Foot or fungal conditions, put the used towel straight in the laundry bin. Bacteria and fungi can lie dormant for up to four weeks.

4) Remove rough, hard skin with regular use of an exfoliating product to prevent hard skin and calluses. Pumice stones and foot files are great ways to remove hard skin and re-invigorate healthy cell growth below.

5) Follow exfoliation or filing with a good moisturising cream.

6) Regular trimming of your toenails is the best way of keeping them in shape. Use nail clippers to safely trim your nails. Always trim the nail straight across, following the natural shape of the nail.

7) When it comes to socks, tights and other hosiery, new sets every day will help ensure your feet are fresh and odour free. Try to rotate footwear - don't wear the same shoes day after day.

If you have any queries at all about treatment or your feet, please call me on 07855 810526.

Services we offer:
  • Nail care, Skin care
  • Nail surgery
  • General foot care
  • Treatment of verruca
  • Athletes foot
  • Skin and nail conditions
  • Removal of corns
  • Management of dry skin
  • Removal of Callus’s
  • Nail removal under anaesthetic
  • Managing dry/sweaty feet

Many more conditions can be treated than listed above. if your feet are causing you discomfort, then call us for impartial and free advice: 07855 810526

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